DSD Construction Opens New HQ at Kingmoor Park

Carlisle company DSD Construction, named after founder Denis Nugent and his sons Shaun and Darren is about to embark on a new chapter in the company’s 26-year history as staff and management prepare to move into their brand new, tailor made £1.5m facility on Kingmoor Park North.

Posted on July 17, 2019

The company, which provides a range of construction services including road surfacing, construction and maintenance, civil engineering, plant hire and training services has enjoyed continued growth and success since its creation in 1993. Over the last decade the company has increased the number of employees fivefold to 160, whilst increasing annual turnover to £25m. This new move is likely to be the catalyst for further growth in both staff numbers and turnover.

DSD Construction have secured the role of delivery partner to carry out highway surfacing and civil engineering works on several local authority frameworks throughout the country including Cumbria County Council, North Yorkshire Council and Dumfries and Galloway Council. In addition to the new HQ, DSD provide works from their West Cumbrian office predominantly for the nuclear sector on Sellafield and Low-Level Waste Repository for a number of national and international contractors.

In 2016, on behalf of Cumbria County Council, the company was the first in Cumbria to trial a revolutionary new product, a bitumen substitute which can be used in standard asphalt mix, made from locally sourced waste plastic made by MacRebur, based in Eaglesfield in Dumfries and Galloway. The use of products such as this puts DSD at the forefront of sustainability whilst reducing its carbon footprint.

Martin Tweddle, General Manager for DSD said;

“I have worked for DSD Construction for the last 9 years and it’s been fantastic to be part of such a successful aspiring company. Both Shaun Nugent and Darren Nugent show true character and their determination to succeed is what has taken the business forward. DSD’s culture is based on family values and as such makes it a great place to work. Through continued investment and a well-balanced approach, the business has grown into what you see today. We are proud to employ over 160 local people making DSD Construction a significant contributor to our local community and economy. I’m very much looking forward to moving to our new home and continuing our growth in all sectors”.

Meanwhile, Neil McIntyre, Kingmoor Park’s Managing Director said;

“We created a unique partnership with DSD to give them their ideal location on site. We have over 170 acres of development land some of which still needs the installation of new infrastructure. New roads in particular are needed to access parts of the site and when DSD showed interest in this particular plot we decided to fund a new estate road which would open up over 5 acres including the 1.5 acres now in DSD’s ownership. In keeping with our policy of using our own tenants where possible DSD were awarded the contract to build the access road to their own building”.

The new facility consists of a state-of-the-art office block and training suite of approximately 6570 sqft and a garage of 2500sqft. The garage was developed to ensure the company was self-sufficient in maintaining its large fleet of plant, vehicles and surfacing equipment.

DSD intend to deliver a package of industry appropriate training courses from their new development including approved CITB courses, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Manual Handling, Banksman, Asbestos Awareness, Abrasive Wheels and First Aid.

Local companies involved in the creation of the new building include EcoGenics, Architects Plus, Compass, PMS, Carlisle Refrigeration, Carlisle Window Systems and Grafix Signs.