Our vision at Kingmoor Park is to become a leading, sustainable business park through our passion for creating valued, multi-sourced energy solutions for our expanding community of on-site businesses.

Through promotion, engagement, and implementation we strive to lead the way in creating an environment that meets the needs of our tenants and supports everyone’s desire to embrace a sustainable and carbon neutral world for the future.

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Kingmoor Park’s management team is committed to making changes towards a sustainable future with the long-term goal being to use only renewable energy sources.

2020 saw the completion of a 4-acre solar farm which meant a reduction in the need to use non-renewable sources for energy. In 2023, phase 2 of the solar farm was completed which brought the site up to 13 acres.

Future plans include further introduction of onsite power generation, adding electric vehicle charging points, and replacing the remaining vehicles in their fleet with electric.

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Kingmoor Park’s current solar farm produces over 3,000,000 Kwh, meaning around 75% of the business park’s energy used is produced on site. On multiple occasions we have completely self sufficient, with the solar farm producing an impressive 100% of the energy used on site.

Our 24-hour security operation is provided by electric vehicles. The security team cover 40,000 miles per annum patrolling the site. This means that on sunny days, these patrols could produce zero emissions.

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