Success Stories - CAD Works Engineering Limited

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Two engineer workers

CAD Works Engineering was established by Managing Director, Paul McVittie on one of Kingmoor Park’s outlying sites in 2005. At the time they employed just five staff working from a small office.

Currently, the company have recently moved into their new tailormade premises, in an expansion tripling their size. CAD Works Engineering are a successful firm that uses cutting-edge technology. They are seen as experts in their field and their design and manufacturing services are sought after internationally. The company supply to a wide range of sectors across the UK and the world, including food, agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, mining, and waste to energy.

In 2016 the firm acquired Mitchell Dryers, an 80-year-old Carlisle company specialising in industrial dryers. Mitchell Dryers’ worldwide reputation quickly propelled CAD Works Engineering’s expansion even further and they now occupy one of Kingmoor Park’s largest units.

Speaking about their growth, Paul said;

“CAD Works Engineering has come a long way since we moved to Kingmoor Park in 2005. We are grateful that the site has been able to cater for whatever our company has needed throughout our development and are confident they will continue to do so into the future.

Whatever size of space, support, or advice we have needed, the Kingmoor Park team have provided it. They take great pride in seeing companies grow and succeed on the site.

As well as the staff that came directly from Mitchell Dryers, some of the CAD Works Engineering staff – including myself – served our apprenticeships there, and we continue to promote a strong apprenticeship system to this day. We have also attracted talented engineers, industry specialists and administrative staff, creating new jobs for local people as well as bringing talented people from outside the area into Carlisle. Mitchell Dryers was extremely innovative during its time and gained a formidable worldwide reputation for the quality of its research, testing and resulting solutions. We are extremely proud to be carrying on its name and the current facilities here at Kingmoor Park help us to realise our ambition for the future of the company, creating a great environment to grow and work in.”